Welcome to the Beer-Harris Memorial Trust (formerly The Dominic Beer Memorial Trust)

The trust makes grants either to community based projects or to research projects that are for the benefit of people experiencing mental health issues. There is an emphasis (but not exclusive) on patients suffering from severe mental illness.

Our name changed (as of 2018) but our commitment has not! The change of name was for a very good reason and it is part of strengthening our charity’s aim to promote well being amongst people who suffer from mental illness.

In 2013, Dr Dominic Beer, psychiatrist and leading light in the field of ‘Challenging Behaviour’ (patients suffering severe mental illness) died. This charity was set up in his name and among our Trustees was Dominic’s nephew, Joseph Harris was a young man who cared passionately for the wellbeing of his peers and especially for those suffering from mental health issues. He was one of the Trust’s main fundraisers until his tragic death in November 2017. As a tribute to his memory, and in recognition of his service to the Trust and his aspirations for what the Trust might achieve the Trustees agreed to change the name of the Trust.

Since Joseph's death, many of his friends and other connections have been generously and enthusiastically involved in participating and organising fundraising activities. This has not only positively impacted donations but has also brought a sense of togetherness and community. The change of name has therefore in part symbolised a broadening of the trust's reach and communal aspect.

We have a facebook page with updates on our activity and mental health related info.

Unless otherwise specified, photos displayed on our site are original. This includes abstract artwork from Dominic Beer.



The Trust and supporters took part in the nationwide 2.6 Challenge from Sunday 26th April to help save the UK's charities, raising over £11,000!

BHMT Spring 2020 Trust Update

Focus Magazine Spring Press Release!

Mental health will be even more of an issue than ever
During these unprecedented times, the Trustees of the BHMT realise that mental health will be more of an issue than ever, therefore we feel it is necessary to reassure everyone of our on-going commitment to the core values and objectives of the Trust.

Summer 2020 events and what’s the plan!
In the next few weeks, our plans for the main activities of the fundraising calendar were about to begin with the Stratford marathon, a clay shoot, a cricket match and a Tough Mudder. Some of our supporters were even stepping up to longer distance triathlon events. Inevitably these events have been postponed until later this year or to next year.

Winter events 2020/21
We have already started to plan for winter events, which will go ahead subject to restrictions being lifted, as we realise that our fundraising efforts will be needed more than ever.

Supported projects
During this time, priority will be given to charities with whom we already have connection and organisations who support local farmers with mental health issues, in view of the recent unprecedented pressure on farmers. As of April, BHMT has agreed to commit funds towards supporting Oakleaf charity through the current crisis. Please read here for more info.

Announcing “Keep It Together (KIT)” and our 5km KIT
Social distancing and isolation makes it paramount that we as a Trust, and with our community of supporters adapt to current circumstances and find alternative and fun ways to “Keep It Together”. Click HERE for details!

Miranda's Blog
Trustee Miranda Harris' blog about fundraising, mental health and personal reflections on loss ebbsmiranda.wordpress.com

If you have any questions about events, please contact us via facebook, or use our facebook plugin to the right, or email

The Beer-Harris Memorial Trust (formerly The Dominic Beer Memorial Trust) is a registered charity in England (1155652)