Focus Newsletter June 2023

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Welcome to the June edition of FOCUS, which is packed full of the latest news from our fundraising events including our first ‘win’ at the 113 Half Ironman and some incredible stories from the Welsh 3000s challengers, who collectively raised £11,500. This success not only helps to raise awareness for the importance of mental health, but it means we can give financial assistance to a wide range of charities and in some case, help maintain their existence.
For the trustees involved in the BHMT, it is an opportunity to pay tribute to the two men, Dominic Beer and Joseph Harris, who we sadly lost in 2013 and 2017 respectively. Conor Watt, who led the first group of Welsh 3000s challengers with great skill, patience and empathy, explains what contributed to his decision to become a mountain leader and offer to organise the fundraising event for the BHMT. Without Conor, the Welsh 3000s would not have happened and we are most grateful to him, his colleague Ollie Lewis and to our amazing checkpoint organiser Birgit Linley, who ensured the walkers were ready to face the second stage of the challenge having been treated to a generous selection of snacks and drinks. If you would like to help us reach our target of £12,000, it isn’t too late to donate. The word ‘humbled’ was used by trustee Josh, as he completed the Welsh 3000s and it is fair to say that we, as trustees feel humbled by the efforts of all fundraisers and supporters this month – this ongoing commitment to the BHMT helps to make our loss more endurable.

This month’s featured charity is Resonate, whom we are supporting for the first time. Resonate delivers Community Music for well-being projects and our grant helped to sustain an existing music project at The Hellingly Centre, Medium Secure Forensic Mental Health Unit.

Last but not least, we are excited to announce our fundraising event for the autumn, “Sessions with Beer, Harris and Freud”.






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