Focus Newsletter May 2023

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Welcome to the May edition of FOCUS with the latest news from three Welsh 3000s challengers, Esther and Simon Clift and Simon Linley. They are part of the first of two groups to take on the challenge on June 10th. So far, the two groups have raised over £7000, which is incredible – and much needed as organisations such as Mind and Rethink Mental Illness have reported an unprecedented increase in services, as “the scale of the mental health crisis cannot be overstated.”

In a recent report from HELP Counselling Services, a charity we supported last year and featured recently in FOCUS, reported on how our grant of £2000 had contributed towards the support of 400 individuals, who had received counselling during the last year – each session costs their service just £25, a much reduced amount from the cost of private sessions with a much shorter waiting time, which can be up to 12 months in the NHS. Later this year, we will be providing a fuller account of how counselling has benefited their clients, and we intend to provide a further grant to HELP so it’s good to reflect that for every £25 you donate, we are helping someone benefit from these crucial services.

Hannah Marles reports on our featured charity, the Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health, whom we are supporting for the first time. They provide support for adults throughout Derbyshire and to young people countywide. To support the write up, Hannah has provided us with an insight into Grounding Techniques, a useful approach, which may be helpful to manage anxiety.






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