Oakleaf September 2023

Oakleaf is a charity that aims to transform lives through the provision of wellbeing activitieswork-related training, employment support and counselling.


Please read how they are using our funds below:

Operating in the heart of Guildford for over 25 years, Oakleaf Enterprise is an accessible mental health charity supporting hundreds of vulnerable and disadvantaged adults in the community at any one time. We provide a safe environment offering much needed structure, support and stability with daily wellbeing activities, work-related training, employment guidance and counselling services to adults throughout Surrey. We help clients improve their mental health and wellbeing, remain out of the hospital, find employment, and have a positive focus in community settings.

In April of this year, we were fortunate enough to have received a grant from the Beer-Harris Memorial Trust, in support of our ‘Counselling for All’ service, which offers timely support to those in mental health crisis. With 23 dedicated counsellors (trainee and qualified), we operate six days a week, seeing on average 60 clients per week within 8 weeks from initial contact. No formal diagnosis is needed, and clients can self-refer, whilst others come to us via their GP or NHS Mental Health Services, as well as other charities.

We support anyone aged 16-67 suffering mental illness including schizophrenia, Bi-polar disorder, depression and generalized anxiety. Currently, around 15% of our clients present with psychosis, 50% struggle with anxiety, a further 50% are affected by depression and around 9% are managing PTSD. Many clients suffer low confidence, lost self-esteem and acute social isolation, often alienated from family and friends due to their poor mental ill-health. Counselling allows up to 18 sessions and provides clients with a much-needed safe space to work through their personal issues, whilst gaining support (and challenge) with some of their deeply held negative belief patterns. There is also opportunity to explore and develop coping mechanisms, providing the tools to self-manage their mental health needs. Since April 1st, 2023, we have delivered 659 sessions to 153 clients, providing early intervention and preventative measures to steer them away from crisis.

These are some things our clients said about their counselling sessions at Oakleaf:

‘Counselling has been excellent. Has been so important for me to be able to access counselling that is affordable and with more than 6 sessions permitted. I recommend oakleaf to people all the time!’

‘Being able to express my feelings in counselling was so freeing.  Oakleaf has been an anchor, always there whether face to face, on the phone or zoom. This service is so important as without the counselling through Oakleaf I would never have coped’

‘It’s given me a place to talk with others and feel less alone. Counselling has allowed me to acknowledge how my past has affected me and how I can begin to work on relearning healthier behaviours’

We know that access to NHS services comes with long waiting times, and private care is unaffordable to many. Our ability to sustain and provide this ongoing support is made possible by the generosity of our funders, for whom we are immensely grateful. Thank you for your continued support.



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