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The tastelife charity was formed in 2014 with the aim of getting help for recovery from eating disorders to more people, more of the time. It was founded by Di Archer and Jean Hart, two mums who have both had daughters who had eating disorders. With a growing staff team, tastelife is committed to changing the story of eating disorders for many sufferers and carers, and providing resources for both recovery and prevention.


I am whole and live with a new sense of identity and purpose

So said one of our recovery course participants. After years of struggling with a life-stealing eating disorder, through our course she finally found the tools she needed to walk out of it and rediscover life.

From our humble beginnings as two women desperately seeking support for our daughters battling with eating disorders and the impact on our families, the charity tastelife has grown to helping hundreds of people directly affected – and those who want to prevent eating disorders among young people.

We are so proud of the people in our tastelife story: our recovery course leaders, mostly volunteers, walking selflessly beside those affected, with those life-restoring tools towards recovery; our youth team, multiplying prevention resources for young people in schools, universities and educational establishments; our developing training team, helping people understand eating disorders and respond well to them.

We are enormously grateful to all those who support us on the journey – without you, it would not be possible. Together, we have been changing the story of eating disorder recovery…

Recovery: Bringing help and hope to the growing challenge

Caring for a daughter with an eating disorder is scary. On the course, we realised that we were not alone…’ (Sarah, mum)

Prevention: educating about eating disorders

Education and early intervention is the heart behind tastelife’s preventative tool for young people: the Youth Track

10,000+ young people have had access to Youth Track since 2019

100 % of students improved their understanding of eating disorders

We are working with NHS Mental Health Schools Teams to deliver the Youth Track in schools – this extends our reach significantly, and also arms the Teams with a much-needed effective resource.

In the digital space, young people living under enormous pressures from social media and peer groups can find tastelife’s social media feed on TikTok, Insta and Facebook, sharing positive messages about food, body image and dealing with emotions.

‘Lara* was barely engaging with medical services. However, she engaged like never before with Youth Track in discussing her worries, thoughts and feelings around food. She opened up to  looking at food differently and then the healing could begin with the medical professionals who were trying to treat her.’
(Ruth, Counsellor)

Education: informing about eating disorders

We all have to eat, so let’s talk about it

We have reached over 10,000 people since the charity began 10 years ago with education about eating disorders, through conferences, seminars and workshops. Generally, people find the subject of eating disorders scary and mysterious and welcome our seminars – from health professionals to company wellbeing initiatives, faith organisations to schools and universities. We are  breaking the taboo around eating disorders, and giving people permission to talk about them.

Next steps

We know we have resources that work. We want to expand their use – running more courses, exploring more online opportunities, and working with more partners.

We hope you will continue with us in helping people understand, avoid and break free from eating disorders.

Thank you.

The tastelife Team

December 2023



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